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A farming Sandbox /Visual Novel with Adventure/RPG elements and moraly questionable milfs!

The plot:

After a catastrophic event on the other side of the planet you are forced, due to your poor financial situation, to live on your late grandmother's farm.

However, when you try to reactivate the farm to make some cash, you discover the existence of goddesses, something that completely changes your life.

Now, using the hypnotic powers of this goddess you must help the mayor fight a mysterious organization that threatens to destroy the city, your farm and your new life!

The gameplay:

A easy farming system, plant and forget, no need to water the crops everyday! And with a little practice you can even milk the girls and harvest eggs, if that is your thing.

A open sandbox, girls have their own schedules and routines. Which you can change to better suit you on your farm life!

Speaking of which, you have access to a lot of information about the girls, mood, psy, fertility, favorite gifts and more.

Phone system, exchange messages with girls and collect wallpapers.

Other that that, Inventory with lots of items, gifts and dates, condoms to avoid pregnancy, buy a car, fighting (coming soon), house expansion, repeatable scenes, custom translations and more!


If you like this game, please consider supporting its development on Patreon!

You can read a FAQ here, explaining what I will use the money for, how soon I expect to finish the game, and other things... But spoiler alert, I will use the money to make more and better games!



Know "bugs"

If you are stuck with "wait" for all the girls, try to plant and sell 100 radishes, if you cant plant, check with bastet how much energy she has left.

Most quests trigger automatic, but some only during day.

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PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorMr. FarmGuy
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Anime, Dating Sim, Erotic, harem, NSFW, Romance, Sandbox, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours


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Myfamilyfarm-0.0.4 fix finale.zip 460 MB

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yo FarmGuy love the game


do you have a plan about android??cuz it will absolutely good for someone like me someone who doesn't have a pc 

I do plan, but need to polish the core features before that

any idea how long does it take to make it? i can wait (im sorry if my sentences not proper my english is not perfect)

It will take some patchs before that, for now you can try to use joiplay to play on android, some people down on the coments said it works pretty well

i tried man i've really tried on joiplay but it doesn't work everytime i try to open the game it's just send me back pls help i really wanna play the game

i downloaded, extract the zip a folder and find the .exe on joiplay and i open the game but it doesn't work where did i do something wrong

I am stuck with "wait" for all the girls D:

If you've seen that scene with the Horned Woman you've seen the entire contents of the game.

So far so good! It's a bit sparse, but it's still early days, and I'm liking what I'm seeing, so I'll be sticking around. 

A dumb question; Bastet mentioned that her and the goddess of rocks would (poorly) play Poker with each other. While I absolutely suck at Poker, will it, or something similar like Black Jack be added in as a mini-game? I can see that being a thing, even if it doesn't lead to any woo-whoo with the goddess

Glad you liked it!
I don't have it planned, at least if I was playing a game I would just skip this minigame as I have no idea how to play it.


That’s fine, it’s your game!

do you plan an android version?literally met your game by an unofficial android version on another site

I do plan, but need to polish the core features before that

very cool game so far! is there not a lewd scene for each of the characters yet or am i missing something?

Glad you liked! Yeah, just some characters for now.

Is there a changelog anywhere?
I couldn't find any difference to v0.3

0.4 was a bug fix, but I will make changelogs between content patchs

had the event at the lake with the girl i give money to. everyone says wait, planted the radishes, sold them like, 5 times, still nothing

if you had the scenes with the mayor then you saw all the content for now


ah, gotcha. Im used to other games telling me "Thats all for this patch" or something when looking at relationship progression tips XD

the game has it but only for the plot content as you can still redo some scenes or ignore others

are there any console cheats in the game

Not yet

can someone help me with this I tried talking to to her but it don’t say give her a hug are anything tired day in night idk if I’m doing something wrong I might be but idk

talk with sophia on the living room, the event called "hi!" must have energy


ok thx😁

Is there a certain amount of energy you need cause I have 3 and when i try to talk to her the only option that shows is the return option

No, just having energy left (not having used in on work or any event) is enough

is this dl link the right one? it says 0.0.4 but the settings in game say 0.0.1 

(1 edit)

that's right, had no time to update

is there a Mac version?

Sorry but no for now

(1 edit) (+1)

loving the concept! my only criticism at this point is the travel system, it doesn't feel intuitive and is a bit of a bother to use. not sure if there are plans to update that but please consider it. otherwise the game is great and  im looking forward to seeing what the next update brings. 

Thanks man!

If I can ask, what do you mean by it not felling intuitive? There's mouse scroll support and now there's also scroll bar, but  I don't had any plans for upgrading this system... 

(1 edit) (+1)

i think it's the fact that you have to scroll left and right to find things instead of up and down. when i first looked at the interface I didn't realize i was supposed to scroll left and right and thought i only had 2 places i could go to so far. It didn't take THAT long to figure it out but it did confuse me at first. 

I see, hopefully that will be more clear on the next patch.

Hi, after scene with Isabella on the lake after going home and short speach in bed screen goes dark and nothing happening. what i have to do? 

I don't know what could have caused this bug, the game should continue. If you can send me the save file (on discord is easier) I would be grateful.

Got as far as I can, I can't wait for more stuff! The crazy sword-lady was interesting, I'm wondering how the club will play out in the future!

Far as I can tell the old menu doesn't DO anything, when I tried it at May's place proper it didn't do anything, is this one of those things that'll have a purpose down the road?

Glad you liked! and yes.

when might we expect updates?

end of month

(1 edit)

ill be back in a month g. do the days matter or can i keep grinding money with no consequences?

They dont matter for now

there's nothing left for me to do I've planted over 1,000 radishes and it still tell's me to wait and pay the bill on sunday and it's starting to make me mad I even ran out of condoms.

You've probably reached the end of the content, did you see the scene with the horned woman at the end?

yes I did. Could u add it where you can at least but more condoms please.

(2 edits)

just one thing tho , the button sound whenever you hover it its just really annoying , like I have hearing problem so for me it literally hurts having this high pitched sound play everything i make any decision in this game. Otherwise great game tho imma still be playing it but damn please do something about this.
Weird timing but right after writing this a glitch happened where the said sound replayed like 20times in a row and that actually really hurts :/

Sorry to hear that my man, Unfortunately i can't control the player audio on renpy before the game start, but for now you can do that by decreasing the "sound volume" bar on settings. 

aight thats okay :) thank you for responding
But is there going to be a fix in the future ?


yeah :D

Is talking to the landlady about the drugstore not implemented or is mine bugged?


keep talking to her it took a while for it to pop up for me as well it might be a certain day and time all i know it popped up for me when she was in the living room reading a book

You probably tried to talk to her while having 0 energy left, rest and retry at night.

If I delete the game will my current progress still be saved

I believe yes, if you want to be sure you can make a backup of this folder "Myfamilyfarm-0.0.1-pc\game\saves" < 1mb

(1 edit)

Ok thank you

Im stuck with all girls in "wait", i sold like a thousand radishes and nothing

If you are having any troubles you can look on discord for tips.


Why no android? >:(


The game uses to many features that I can't use on android, I have to make simplified version first.

Worked fine using joiplay on Android


how bruh? 

just YouTube it and also if there's ever any side or fan patches you can implement those via joiplay too 

the game is great, I just wish the MC was as horny as I am. I wish he would take the hypnosis powers, i love that type of stuff!


:D thanks man, come back in a month for more!


(1 edit)

Seen this over on F95.  Small bug in the main menu.  Since you didn't tag the new main menu as a menu "Return" didn't work for settings.


You can review the changes I made with https://winmerge.org

Edit: Interpolating Data

These flags may be combined, for example using !cl would capitalize the first character, and force the remaining text to lowercase.

Changed a few lines so relationships are title cased if they begin a sentence.



oh, okay, I will fix that, thanks for letting me know

i can't bless my farm pls fix bug

Do bastet have energy? you have to get at least 50 energy point every week and the farm will be blessed automaticaly

yea i have like 200energy

the button on the bless my farm menu is not clickable, as long as you have energy it will keep blessing the farm.
if that is not the case can you send me the save file? over here or on discord


when next update? btw noice game

Glad you liked!

In less than a month for suporters of the game, and two weeks later for public.

im stuck on wait on every one and i have over a hundred pumpkins and radishes but i cant sell anything

You probably reached the end of content, this one just has lewd scenes with Bianca, Aurora, Isabella and some random nudes.

About the crops, you have to drag that bar to choose how many to sell.

the only lewd scene i got was with the first girl 

ty i figured it out i didnt know how to sell the product what you wrote helped  me figure it out

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


As long as there is anal and FFFM/FFFM/orgy options too... I'm happy.

Actually, the more kinky and taboo the fetish, optional for the faint-hearted, the better in my book!

Traing too? HELL YEAH! Definitely gonna keep an eye on this one. Best of luck my guy!


Glad you liked, come back in a month for more :D

I need to buy Cake from May's Restaurant, but can find option to buy. Is this the end of content?

There's a icon near May's tits, click on him, it will open the "Shop!" option, then just click on the "Slice of pumpkin pie" but you need to have money for that


Is there pregnancy yet ? :D


You have to find for yourself :D (But there will be a lot of that in the game)


I love the premise for this game, being able to milk/egg the girls is genius lol



will this be for MacBook in the future?


I don't have one to test, but maybe in the future.

i hope soon this game looks good

(1 edit) (+1)

I think i found a bug that doesn't appered some of the missions of the girls when i try to talk with them

(1 edit)

It's not a bug, if you have 0 energy you cant interact with the girl and you can only interact once per day with each girl.

If you have 0 energy you can eat pie.


No i'ts like the mission to dialogue is missing 


Both those quest only trigger at night and only in the living room

oh ok thank you 


Hello, I've istalled your game today and i have to say that except some (as i understood) translation issues i stumble upon a bug here's a traceback:

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

  File "game/2-PLOTPROG/initialRelease/bastet_intro_into_world.rpy", line 1043, in script

    $ renpy.Jump(late_night_events[2].event_label)

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 928, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2245, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/2-PLOTPROG/initialRelease/bastet_intro_into_world.rpy", line 1043, in <module>

    $ renpy.Jump(late_night_events[2].event_label)

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'Jump'



My family farm 0.0.1

Deleted 37 days ago

I found and fixed, if you download again it won't happen again

can you pls make a mega download link I cant download from browser :(

Deleted 37 days ago

thank you.

do you know when the new version will be available on mega?

done, edited the link

Great game, friend! 

Can't wait for the next update

Thanks man, come back in a month for more :D


mac version


If you download the RenPy SDK (just google it) Copy the SDK to you Applications folder, then copy the root "Myfamilyfarm-0.0.1-pc" folder to the SDK folder, it will appear in the RenPy Projects list and you can launch it on a Mac from there.

do you have like a video showing the process, a bit confusing

I don't have to test the game build, so this must be best solution for now.

how do i leave the farm

click the "return" button, the one on the lower middle of the screen, this opens the world map, then you can use your mouse scrool to select places.


game is fun so far hope the main character actually opens an onlyfans

I clicked Ignore and things seem fine, but still


Heh, weird, never encountered this bug during playtest, I'll look for a fix.

I've also expirinced this it was right after I talked to Sophia about how to take a store 


Hmm, the mystery continues...

make sure you didnt accidentally launch the game twice

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